Fundraising Success Stories: The Best School Campaigns best fundraisers for schools

Fundraising is an essential aspect of supporting schools and ensuring they have the necessary resources to provide a quality education to students. However, choosing the right fundraisers can be a daunting task. To help you navigate the world of school fundraising, we’ve compiled a list of the best fundraisers that have proven to be successful for schools of all sizes and in various communities.

  • Bake Sales

Bake sales are a classic and reliable way to raise funds for schools. They require minimal upfront costs and can be organized by parents, teachers, or students. To make your bake sale stand out, encourage participants to get creative with their recipes, and consider offering gluten-free or vegan options to cater to a broader audience.

  • A-Thons

A-thons, such as walkathons, bikeathons, or readathons, are fantastic fundraisers that promote physical activity and education simultaneously. Students gather pledges from family and friends for their participation in these events, and the school receives the proceeds. These fundraisers not only raise money but also promote a healthy lifestyle.

  • Online Fundraising Platforms

In the digital age, online fundraising platforms have become increasingly popular. Websites like GoFundMe and DonorsChoose allow schools to create online campaigns, making it easy for parents and community members to donate and share the fundraiser on social media. These platforms have a wide reach and can attract donors from outside your immediate community.

  • Silent Auctions

Silent auctions are a sophisticated way to raise money for your school. Gather donations from local businesses and community members, and then organize an event where participants can bid on items. To enhance the experience, consider hosting a gala or dinner alongside the silent auction. best fundraisers for schools

  • School Spirit Merchandise

Sell merchandise branded with your school’s logo and colors. Items like T-shirts, hats, and water bottles not only raise funds but also promote school spirit. Parents and students will be proud to wear these items, which can also serve as marketing tools for your school.

  • Community Partnerships

Forge partnerships with local businesses and organizations that are willing to donate a portion of their profits to your school. Many restaurants offer “spirit nights” where a percentage of the proceeds from a specific night’s sales go to the school. This is an excellent way to involve the community and support local businesses simultaneously.

  • Parent/Teacher Talent Show

Organize a talent show featuring the hidden talents of parents and teachers. Charge an admission fee, and you’ll not only raise money but also provide entertainment for the school community. This event can be a fun way to bring everyone together.

  • Holiday Gift Wrapping

Take advantage of the holiday season by offering gift-wrapping services at local shopping centers or malls. Volunteers from your school can wrap shoppers’ gifts in exchange for donations. This fundraiser can be a win-win as it eases the holiday stress for shoppers and raises funds for your school.

  • Car Wash

Host a car wash event where students, teachers, and parents come together to wash cars for donations. Choose a high-traffic location, and make sure to advertise the event well in advance. This is an excellent way to involve the community and teach students about teamwork and responsibility.

  • Selling Coupon Books

Work with a coupon book company to create coupon books featuring discounts from local businesses. Sell these books to parents and community members, with the proceeds going to your school. This is a great way to support local businesses while raising funds for education.


Choosing the best fundraisers for your school depends on your community’s preferences, resources, and the time and effort you’re willing to invest. It’s often a good idea to mix and match different fundraisers throughout the year to keep things fresh and engaging for your supporters.

Remember that the success of any fundraiser relies on effective promotion and strong community involvement. Keep your supporters informed, engaged, and excited about your fundraising efforts. With dedication and creativity, you can raise the necessary funds to support your school’s educational programs and initiatives.