Gossip Girl Reboot Costumes: How Eric Daman Brought 2021 Fashion to Life

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The series stays true to the original as a drama-filled, soapy slice of New York City teenage life, and also as a fashion-focused show that highlights what the cool kids of Upper East Side prep school life are into. For the 2021 version, “Gossip Girl” original costume designer Eric Daman is back and tasked with making a show that interprets of-the-moment New York chic as it is known to today’s youth. What that means is less headbands and colored tights and more gender fluid looks and minimal approaches to luxury; less Dior and Chanel and more Bode and Christopher John Rodgers. If you decide to stay at Apartment CHEER VILLAGE, you can reserve a booking right now on our website.
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It will follow a special, live-streamed event at Swarovski’s Lincoln Road boutique in Miami. Luxury jewelry brand Swarovski has teamed up with costume designer Eric Daman to create an Internet reality series titled, The Daman Chronicles. The show follows Eric Daman around New York City as he preps for a shoot, researches for the upcoming television season, and meets with his VIP friends.
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