Hamptons Residential and Event Security

That’s why they turn to us — the #1 service for condo security in the USA. Our team can accurately assess the security concerns of your residence, pinpointing weak points and areas where steps can be taken to enhance the security of your condo. From alarm systems and monitoring, to advice on structure, situational awareness, lighting and more, we’ve got you covered. With crime statistics on the rise in the US, the security of your condo has never been more important. Residential crime is a very real issue for many Americans, with many concerned about personal safety and protecting their assets. We also develop high-quality uniforms that are a reflection of the property’s image.
However, if you want to keep closer tabs on your home inside and out with 24/7 monitoring and quick access to emergency response services, you’ll want a more robust system. DIY and professional brands offer home security bundles with most, if not all, of the equipment you’d need to get started and the ability to add single devices as needed. Eagle Eye vets, trains and employs only the best and most dedicated agents for our residential security team.
We work closely with estate owners to develop customized security plans that meet their specific needs and provide the highest level of protection for their property and assets. Security Services near me of patrol officers also means that you can have as much security as you need for the size of your property. A complex security service can relieve so much of the burden of your day-to-day duties. Unload security issues on the professionals and focus your efforts elsewhere.
If flames are obstructing your exit and/or smoke is too heavy, return to the room and close the door. Place a towel or article of clothing along the bottom edge of the door. Open the windows for fresh air and hang a sheet, or another comparable article, out the window to let the fire department know you are still inside.
As part of our daily monitoring routine, we compile information such as daily lighting reports and number of residents assisted. Cambridge partners with local law enforcement to provide better security services. Since our inception in 1988, we have been committed to providing each of our clients with corporate security services unparalleled in the industry.
Monthly subscriptions for cloud storage, enhanced features and possibly even professional monitoring are typically an option with DIY systems, often for lower monthly fees than professional services. While there isn’t much to installing a security camera or even a wired video doorbell, whole-home systems can be a bit more demanding to install and set up. If you’d rather leave that to an expert, and have them walk you through how to use the system, a professional home security service may be the way to go. Without supervision, anyone can freely enter and exit your property. A professionally trained security team at your property entrances and gates will keep unknown parties out and send the message to those entering that you take security seriously.