Simplifying Digital Fundraising so You Raise More

It’s perfect if you’re fundraising in a high-traffic location, like an office or school, or you’re holding a large event. Asking for support is always free — you just need a well-crafted message and a compelling goal. You can choose from a variety of email campaigns that suit your cause. Tell the story of the person you’re helping, emphasize the facts and statistics your group is up against, or keep your request simple and to the point. Round up a few teachers or partner with a local celebrity and have them go up against each other with video games like Among Us or World of Warcraft.
Their sites will showcase your cause and help you interact with your audience. You can create events, use email automation, and process donation payments. Small or growing non-profit organizations will love Donate Kindly. Your non-profit can create customizable donation forms and add them to their website easily.
AngeLink is the world’s first social crowdfunding platform powered by women. Easily track donation history, build custom segments and approach each donor with the individual care that they deserve. Soft credits, supporters tagging and dynamic filters will help you stay in control. Kindest will automatically build better relationships with donors through personalized thank you notes and donation replies. online fundraising sites will also make sure monthly donations never fail and inspire your donors to give more. Automations, full-fledged CRM and refined fundraising websites in one strong powerhouse.
Let your donors connect more personally with your organization by dedicating their donation to a loved one. Provide your donors with multiple donation options, including text giving. Gain an in-depth understanding of your fundraising campaign performance from your dashboard and integrate with Google Analytics. If you don’t have people’s birthdays, this could be something that you can build. The next time you have people sign up for an event, you could ask them for their birthday.
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